Douglas House

Fora is renowned for producing high-end, design-led office space. Opem’s challenge was to design and install security solutions that were in keeping with the building’s aesthetics and didn’t stand out or detract from the overall design, look, and feel of the space.



131 – 151 Great Titchfield Street, London


Opem partnered with Fora to introduce advanced security solutions at Douglas House, a newly refurbished property just north of London’s bustling West End. Douglas House boasts 47,000 sq ft of prime office space spread across eight floors, featuring state-of-the-art meeting room facilities, serviced offices, communal areas, kitchens, a private roof terrace, bike storage, and more.

Project Goals

  1. To install comprehensive security systems that enhance the safety of Douglas House.

  2. To ensure the security solutions are discreet and complement the building’s design-led aesthetic.

  3. To provide ongoing maintenance and onsite security support for the building team.


One of the biggest challenges faced during this project was finding discreet locations for the CCTV cameras without compromising the building’s aesthetics. 

Opem Security tackled this by carefully planning the placement and mounts for the cameras, ensuring they were both effective And unobtrusive.


Opem Security deployed a full range of security solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of Douglas House. Key elements of the implementation included:

  1. CCTV Installation: High-definition CCTV cameras were installed at strategic locations to ensure maximum coverage while remaining unobtrusive. Special attention was given to finding discreet locations and mounts for the cameras to avoid compromising the visual appeal of the property’s entrance and exit points.

  2. Wireless Salto Door Handles and Mobile Keyless Entry: These keyless entry systems seamlessly integrate with the building’s existing infrastructure without detracting from its aesthetic appeal. The mobile keyless entry for flexible office environments allows tenants to access their workspaces using their smartphones, enhancing user experience and security.

  3. Access Control Systems and Magnetic Locks:  These systems ensure that only authorised personnel can access specific areas, enhancing overall security.

Ongoing Maintenance and Onsite Security

Opem Security is committed to providing ongoing maintenance and onsite security support, ensuring that all security systems remain operational and effective. This includes regular system checks and immediate response to any issues that may arise.

Working alongside Opem Security for the past eight years has been a testament to the strength of our partnership. As the Group Head of Facilities for The Office Group, I can confidently say that Opem is not just a supplier but a vital part of our day-to-day operations Opem has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our security needs and has provided innovative solutions that align seamlessly with our evolving requirements. Their commitment to excellence and reliability has made them a key player in our long-term security strategy. In an industry where trust is paramount, Opem has proven time and again to be a partner we can depend on. The longevity of our relationship is a testament to their unwavering dedication and the value they bring to The Office Group. Their commitment to excellence has been a driving force behind our successful 360 security operation model.



The installation of these comprehensive security solutions has significantly enhanced the safety and security of Douglas House. Tenants enjoy a secure environment that blends seamlessly with the building’s elegant design. The discreet placement of CCTV cameras, the integration of mobile keyless entry for flexible office environments, and advanced access control systems have ensured that the security measures do not detract from the overall look and feel of the space.

Fora’s requirement for a high-end, design-led security system has been successfully met. Opem Security’s expertise and meticulous approach have ensured that Douglas House remains a prestigious and secure location for businesses of all sizes.

Opem Security’s collaboration with Fora at Douglas House showcases the successful integration of advanced security solutions within a design-focused workspace. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and maintaining a focus on aesthetic integrity, Opem has delivered a security system that meets the high standards of Fora’s prestigious workspace offerings. This project highlights Opem’s commitment to providing tailored security solutions, including mobile keyless entry for flexible office environments, that enhance both security and user experience while preserving the building’s visual appeal.

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