About us

Security as a service

Founded in 2008 as a family run business, Opem Security are proud to be powered by some of the brightest engineers and talents in the industry. We understand the importance of creating a culture that nurtures and supports the development of the team, and fuels company innovation to maintain our high standards and ensure excellence. 


Our community outside Opem is important to us, supporting young athletes and the charity Medical Detection Dogs.

We support two young equestrian athletes: Lillie Moores (pictured) and Miley Horsfall. Both girls have been very successful with Lillie riding for Saddleworth and District Pony Club, Rochdale and District Riding Club and British Eventing.

Medical Detection Dogs work in two ground-breaking areas; bio-detection dogs and medical alert assistance dogs. Their bio-detection dogs help to improve early diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. The medical alert assistance dogs are trained to support people who have life-threatening health conditions, literally saving their lives daily.

Customer service policy

Our customer service policy follows our core values.

Honesty – We have built our company on our reputation and by word of mouth. Giving honest and sensible advice is the cornerstone of our business. 
Uncompromising High Standards – We hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our attention to detail sets us apart from others ensuring a five-star service.
Support – We offer continual support with maintenance, advice and expert account management.
Collaboration – Our clients are our partners. We aim to collaborate with them, at every opportunity to help them achieve their business goals.

Environmental policy

Opem recognises and believes that the environment is an integral and fundamental part of the business. We are aware of the impact of our day-to-day operations on the environment, and our objective is to balance the commercial need against responsible sustainable environmental improvements. This is measured and monitored by the management team on an ongoing basis. 

We strive to retain and recycle any equipment no longer required or that has been replaced.

Meet the team

Our people are what make us different, and our service is what sets us apart.

We are dedicated to looking after all our clients, and looking after our Opem family.

Approvals / Accreditations

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date accreditations and approvals.

Want to find out more?

Take a look around some of our previous projects.

7 Pancras Square

At the heart of this project was the refurbishment of the existing Stanley Building, which is a small listed building (the last of one of the first examples of social housing in London) with a new building wrapped around it to create a new 30,000 sq ft office building.

Albert House

Described as the jewel in Old Street’s crown, Albert House has plenty of private office space to go around.

Liverpool Street

50 Liverpool Street is a bit of a fighter. After surviving being the target of London’s first attack during the First World War, it also survived British Rail’s plans to demolish the station in favour of a modern development.

Warnford Court

Formerly the offices of the Stock Exchange, Warnford Court has retained many of its 19th-century features whilst creating a contemporary modern environment.
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