34-35 Berwick Street

34-35 Berwick Street

WorkPad, a boutique flexible office operator, sought to enhance security and user experience at their Berwick Street location.  Opem was engaged to install Salto KS, a wireless cloud-based access control solution, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for clients. The solution not only provided secure access but also facilitated effective building monitoring through an integrated mobile app.



34-35 Berwick Street


WorkPad recognised the need for an advanced access control system that would not only enhance user experience but also contribute to the overall safety of their clients. Opem was tasked with installing Salto KS to provide a secure and user-friendly access solution. The goal was to leverage the app’s data to monitor the building effectively and ensure safety while eliminating unauthorised access.

Salto KS, a wireless cloud-based access control solution is prized for its user-friendly interface and robust security features. The system allows clients to access the workspace seamlessly through an integrated mobile app, providing a modern and convenient user experience.

WorkPad instructed Opem with taking over the security monitoring of their building through Opem’s in-house control room. This transition to digital monitoring aims to support operational efficiency and enhance the overall user experience.

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WorkPad has collaborated with Opem since 2020 on several diverse projects. Throughout this period, Opem continued supporting WorkPad's portfolio post-project completion. From their senior management through to their delivery and remote monitoring teams, Opem are highly personable and are committed to ensuring the highest standards are consistently achieved.

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  • Enhanced User Experience: The Salto KS solution significantly improved the user experience for WorkPad’s clients, providing convenient and secure access through the integrated mobile app.

  • Effective Building Monitoring: Opem utilised the data supplied by the app to monitor the building effectively, contributing to the safety of occupants and helping to eliminate unauthorised access.

  • Digital Security Monitoring: Opem’s in-house control room took over the security monitoring, ensuring a seamless transition to digital systems for enhanced operational efficiency and user experience.

Opem’s installation of Salto KS at WorkPad’s Berwick Street location demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing innovative and user-centric security solutions. The success of the project not only improved user experience but also showcased the effectiveness of modern access control technology in enhancing overall security measures. Opem’s collaboration with WorkPad not only met the initial requirements but also positioned both parties for continued success in the dynamic and competitive flexible office space industry.

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