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Formerly the offices of the Stock Exchange, Warnford Court has retained many of its 19th-century features whilst creating a contemporary modern environment.


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Fora, a leading provider of flexible workspaces, engaged Opem to deliver a comprehensive security solution for Warnford Court. This Grade II listed building with a rich history as the former offices of the Stock Exchange. This project required a delicate balance between preserving the building’s 19th-century features and integrating modern security technologies.

Warnford Court: A Historical Context

Warnford Court, renowned for its architectural significance, has retained many of its original features while evolving into a contemporary environment suitable for flexible workspaces. As a Grade II listed building, any modifications needed to comply with heritage preservation standards. This presented a unique challenge for integrating modern security solutions.


Salto SPACE Access Control System

  • Custom Design and Installation: Opem designed a bespoke access control system tailored to the specific needs of Warnford Court. The Salto SPACE system was selected for its flexibility and robust security features.
  • Historic Integration: The system was installed with great care to ensure that it supported in preserving its aesthetic and structural integrity.
  • Remote Monitoring: Opem’s in-house control room provides round-the-clock monitoring of the access control system, ensuring immediate response to any security breaches.

State-of-the-Art IP Cameras

  • Comprehensive Surveillance: Advanced IP cameras were strategically installed throughout the building to ensure comprehensive surveillance coverage.
  • Discreet Placement: Cameras were placed discreetly to maintain the building’s aesthetic appeal while providing robust security.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: All camera feeds are monitored in real-time by Opem’s control room, with alerts set for any unusual activities.
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Opem’s involvement extends beyond the initial installation to provide ongoing property security services. This includes regular maintenance, system upgrades, and real-time monitoring to ensure the continued safety and security of Warnford Court.

  • Preventative Maintenance: Routine checks and maintenance are conducted to prevent any potential issues, ensuring the security systems are always functioning optimally.
  • 24/7 Support: Opem offers round-the-clock support for any security-related issues, ensuring quick resolution of any problems that arise.


Upgrades and Enhancements: As technology evolves, Opem ensures that Warnford Court’s security systems are updated with the latest advancements to maintain cutting-edge security


Working with Heritage Constraints

  • Coordinated Efforts: Opem worked closely with heritage preservation experts to ensure that all security installations complied with regulations and did not compromise the building’s historical integrity.
  • Sensitive Installation: Special care was taken to integrate modern security technology without altering or damaging the building’s original features.

Balancing Modern Needs with Historical Preservation

  • Innovative Solutions: Opem developed innovative solutions to install state-of-the-art security systems that met contemporary security needs while preserving the building’s historical charm.
  • Compliance and Adaptability: The project required adaptability to meet both security requirements and heritage preservation standards.
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The project at Warnford Court showcased Opem’s expertise in providing comprehensive property security services. Through the design and installation of the Salto SPACE access control system and advanced IP camera surveillance, Opem successfully enhanced the safety and security of Warnford Court.

 Ongoing maintenance and real-time monitoring ensure that the building remains secure, blending its rich history with contemporary functionality.

Opem’s ability to integrate advanced security solutions within a Grade II listed building has not only safeguarded Warnford Court but also preserved its historical significance. Making it a secure and functional workspace for Fora and its clients

Working alongside Opem Security for the past eight years has been a testament to the strength of our partnership. As the Group Head of Facilities for The Office Group, I can confidently say that Opem is not just a supplier but a vital part of our day-to-day operations Opem has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our security needs and has provided innovative solutions that align seamlessly with our evolving requirements. Their commitment to excellence and reliability has made them a key player in our long-term security strategy. In an industry where trust is paramount, Opem has proven time and again to be a partner we can depend on. The longevity of our relationship is a testament to their unwavering dedication and the value they bring to The Office Group. Their commitment to excellence has been a driving force behind our successful 360 security operation model.


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