St Pauls House

Opem was commissioned by EPAM, a prominent property asset management company, to take over the existing NET 2 access control and CCTV systems to reprogramme, repurpose, and enhance the security measures of St. Paul’s House, a prestigious Grade II* Listed Office Building.



EPAM required a security partner to take over the existing access control and CCTV systems, making them more efficient and user-friendly for the end users. Opem not only took over these systems but also provided ongoing maintenance to ensure their optimal performance.


St. Pauls House is a historic building, saved from demolition in the early 1970s through a successful public appeal. In 1976, it was extensively altered and restored into modern offices. The building spans 65,066 sqft, arranged over five upper floors and a lower ground floor. Since EPAM took on its management, numerous enhancements have been made, including significant improvements to the building’s security infrastructure.

EPAM has been dedicated to enhancing the quality and security of St. Paul’s House. As part of their ongoing commitment to excellence, they sought Opem’s expertise to revitalise and maintain the building’s security systems.


System Takeover and Optimisation: Opem assumed control of the existing access control and CCTV systems. 

This involved

  • Conducting a thorough audit of the current systems
  • Identifying areas for improvement and optimisation
  • Reconfiguring the systems to be more efficient and user-friendly

Enhanced Access Control: The access control system was revamped to ensure secure and seamless access for authorised personnel. 

Opem’s enhancements included:

  • Updating software and hardware components.
  • Integrating user-friendly interfaces for easy management.

CCTV System Upgrade: The CCTV system was upgraded to provide comprehensive coverage and high-definition monitoring. 

Key upgrades included:

  • Installing additional cameras in strategic locations.
  • Enhancing video quality and storage capacity.
  • Implementing remote monitoring capabilities for real-time surveillance.

Ongoing Maintenance: Opem is committed to providing ongoing maintenance for the security systems, ensuring they remain in optimal working condition. 

This included:

  • Regular system checks and updates.
  • Prompt resolution of any technical issues.
  • Continuous improvement to adapt to evolving security needs.


The project presented several key challenges:

  • Historic Building Constraints: Working within a Grade II* listed building required careful planning to respect the building’s heritage while upgrading its security systems.
  • System Integration: Integrating and optimising the existing systems to work seamlessly for end users.
  • User Training: Ensuring that the building’s occupants were familiar with and could effectively use the new security features.

Opem addressed these challenges through meticulous planning, expert knowledge, and close collaboration with EPAM and the building’s occupants.


The enhancements made by Opem significantly improved the security of St. Pauls House. The optimised access control and CCTV systems provided a secure and user-friendly environment for all occupants. The ongoing maintenance ensured that these systems continued to operate at their best, providing long-term security and peace of mind.

The partnership between Opem and EPAM on the St. Pauls House project underscores the importance of expert management and continuous improvement in property security. Opem’s expertise in optimising and maintaining advanced security systems played a crucial role in enhancing the safety and functionality of this historic building, ensuring its status as a secure and desirable office space.

We are absolutely delighted with the professional approach and successful deployment of the security systems by Opem. The seamless integration of the Maxxess access control system, CCTV, and remote monitoring has set a new standard for security within our properties. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail have significantly enhanced the safety and security of our building. As a result, we continue to engage Opem for all our security installation and maintenance needs. We highly recommend Opem for their outstanding service and expertise.

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