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Opem was tasked by WorkPad to install cloud-based access control solutions to enhance security and support the building’s transition to self-sufficiency while maintaining an exceptional client experience.


Once home to Trident Studios, where iconic artists like David Bowie, Elton John, and the Rolling Stones recorded legendary albums, 17 St Anne’s Court boasts a rich history. Situated in vibrant Soho, this historic property seamlessly blends period charm with modern sophistication, offering an ideal setting for professionals and entrepreneurs alike.


WorkPad required an upgraded security solution within a tight budget. Opem installed upgraded CCTV and Salto KS, a cloud-based access control solution, to improve operational efficiency. Salto KS enables users to access their office space via a smartphone app, particularly beneficial for locations without on-site reception. This solution empowered WorkPad to manage buildings remotely, including locking and unlocking doors and managing user permissions.


  • Improved Experience: Digital keys can be sent to smartphone users, eliminating the need for physical tags and simplifying access management.
  • Scalable APIs: Integration options allow for seamless incorporation into existing applications or the development of custom access control solutions.
  • Maximised Efficiency: No more managing mechanical keys; access can be granted to individuals or groups for specific locks and timeframes, with real-time monitoring and user-blocking capabilities.


Supporting WorkPad in managing buildings remotely without compromising the client experience.


Opem Security initiated the project by conducting a comprehensive assessment of Huckletree’s existing security infrastructure. The focus was on integrating CCTV and access control systems to eliminate the need for a manned guard while ensuring optimal security coverage. Opem’s design-led approach considered the aesthetics of the building, seamlessly incorporating security measures without compromising the overall design.

The integrated solution provided centralised monitoring and management, allowing for real-time oversight of security measures. Access control was refined to provide a frictionless experience for occupants, and strategically placed CCTV cameras ensured comprehensive coverage of the entire site. Opem’s future-proofing strategy allowed for scalability, ensuring the solution could evolve with Huckletree’s expansion plans and adapt to emerging technologies.


  • Cost Reduction: Opem’s solution successfully eliminated the need for a manned guard, resulting in significant cost savings for Huckletree.
  • Operational Efficiency: The integrated system streamlined security operations, reducing response times and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • User Experience: Occupants experienced a more user-friendly and seamless access control process, contributing to overall satisfaction with the space.
  • Future-Proofing: Opem’s forward-thinking approach ensured the security system could adapt to future technological advancements and seamlessly support Huckletree’s expansion plans.

Opem’s collaboration with Huckletree for their Kensington building showcases the company’s ability to understand unique client needs in the dynamic flexible office space sector. The implementation of a cost-effective, streamlined, and future-proofed security solution not only addressed immediate concerns but positioned Huckletree for sustained success and growth. Opem Security’s commitment to innovation and expertise in the field reinforced their role as a trusted partner in securing design-led office spaces.

WorkPad has collaborated with Opem since 2020 on several diverse projects. Throughout this period, Opem continued supporting WorkPad's portfolio post-project completion. From their senior management through to their delivery and remote monitoring teams, Opem are highly personable and are committed to ensuring the highest standards are consistently achieved.


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