Russell Square House

In 2023, Opem was commissioned by EPAM, a prominent property asset management company, to undertake a comprehensive security upgrade for one of their flagship building refurbishment projects. 


 EPAM is renowned for its high standards in property management. The company operates an intelligent property management model that guarantees the consistent delivery of quality and value. EPAM’s commitment to excellence ensures they never settle for mediocrity and constantly strive to exceed the expectations of clients and occupiers alike.


 The project involved installing the Maxxess access control system, alongside state-of-the-art CCTV and remote monitoring solutions, managed by Opem’s in-house control room.

Russell Square House is a substantial 66,000 sq ft commercial property. The refurbishment included:

  • Security system installations at the ground floor reception
  • Enhanced security measures on the office floors


Access Control System

Opem installed the innovative Maxxess access control system, which offers robust security features and ease of management. This system allows for seamless access management.

CCTV Installation

State-of-the-art CCTV cameras were strategically placed throughout the building. These high-definition cameras provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring real-time monitoring and recording of all activities within the premises.

Remote Monitoring

Opem’s in-house control room took on the task of remote monitoring, providing 24/7 surveillance and quick response capabilities. This service enhances the building’s security by ensuring constant vigilance and immediate action in case of any security breaches.


The project presented several key challenges:

  • Budget Management: Ensuring the security installation remained within budget constraints was critical. Opem leveraged cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
  • Quick and Effective Response: The ability to respond swiftly and effectively to any issues was essential. Opem’s efficient processes and the responsive team ensured the timely completion of the project.
  • Adaptability: The varied styles within the building required flexible solutions. Opem’s expertise enabled them to deliver customised security measures that met the unique needs of each area.
  • Efficiency and Timeliness: Delivering the project on time and maintaining efficiency throughout were paramount. Opem’s meticulous planning and execution ensured all milestones were achieved within the set timelines.

Opem has established itself as the go-to company for delivering high-quality security solutions efficiently and on budget, with a can-do attitude that ensures client satisfaction.


The implementation of these advanced security systems significantly enhanced the safety and security of the building. EPAM was extremely satisfied with the quality and efficiency of Opem’s work. The installation not only met but exceeded their expectations, providing a secure and efficient environment for the building’s occupants.

The collaboration between Opem and EPAM on this project underscores the importance of high-quality security solutions in property management. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert installation services, Opem has helped EPAM maintain its reputation for excellence in property management, ensuring a secure and safe environment for all building occupants.

We are absolutely delighted with the professional approach and successful deployment of the security systems by Opem. The seamless integration of the Maxxess access control system, CCTV, and remote monitoring has set a new standard for security within our properties. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail have significantly enhanced the safety and security of our building. As a result, we continue to engage Opem for all our security installation and maintenance needs. We highly recommend Opem for their outstanding service and expertise.

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