Orchard Place

Landmark, a leading flexible office operator, sought to elevate security measures at their Orchard Place location in London Victoria. Opem was engaged to install Salto hardwired doors, seamlessly integrating them into the existing security infrastructure. The goal was to utilise Landmark’s CCTV and access control assets effectively and enhance user experience while ensuring the security measures complemented the aesthetics of the stylish Orchard Place building.


Landmark had specific requirements for their Orchard Place location, emphasising the need for security measures that not only enhanced user experience but also seamlessly integrated with the building’s aesthetics. Opem was instructed to install Salto hardwired doors and utilise Landmark’s existing CCTV and access control systems. The aim was to create a secure and visually appealing environment without compromising the unique design of the space.

Opem proposed the installation of Salto hardwired doors, a solution known for its reliability and seamless integration capabilities. The hardwired doors were chosen to ensure robust security while blending in seamlessly with the building’s aesthetics, maintaining the overall atmosphere of the flexible office space.

To maximise the efficiency of the security infrastructure, Opem leveraged Landmark’s existing CCTV and access control assets. The integration allowed for effective monitoring of the building from Opem’s in-house control room, providing real-time oversight of security measures. This approach not only ensured the security of the Orchard Place location but also contributed to the operational efficiency of Landmark’s security operations.

The Salto hardwired doors were strategically installed to enhance user experience, offering a secure yet unobtrusive entry system for occupants. The design and placement of the security features were carefully considered to seamlessly blend into the overall aesthetic of the modern and stylish workspace.

Opem Security has been a valuable partner in securing our flexible office spaces. Their team consistently provides exceptional service, going above and beyond to ensure our peace of mind. Their prompt response times and in-depth knowledge of our business needs make every interaction feel personal and reassuring. We highly recommend Opem to any company seeking exceptional security solutions for their flexible work environment.



    • Seamless Integration: Opem successfully integrated Salto hardwired doors into the Orchard Place location, seamlessly blending with the building’s aesthetics.
    • Effective Monitoring: Utilising Landmark’s existing CCTV and access control systems, Opem’s in-house control room ensured effective and real-time monitoring of the building’s security.
    • Enhanced User Experience: The strategic placement and design of the Salto hardwired doors contributed to an enhanced user experience, providing secure access without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the workspace.
    • Operational Efficiency: The integration of existing security assets and the installation of Salto hardwired doors supported Landmark’s overall operational efficiency, ensuring a secure and streamlined workspace.

    Opem’s collaboration with Landmark at the Orchard Place location exemplifies their ability to tailor security solutions to meet unique client needs. The successful integration of Salto hardwired doors, combined with the utilisation of existing security assets, showcases Opem’s commitment to creating secure yet aesthetically pleasing environments in the dynamic flexible office space sector. The project not only met the specific requirements of the client but also positioned Landmark for continued success in delivering a secure and stylish workspace experience.

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