Brick Street

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding affluence of Mayfair, 10 Brick Street is an exceptionally opulent yet classically understated working environment. Taking its design cues from the Roaring Twenties, the tasteful colour palette combines classic Art Deco hues of rich greens and golds contrasted with geometric patterns in black and white.


Office Space in Town


Mayfair, London

I have been working with Opem for several years now, and find them to be a thoroughly professional service provider. Working in a highly client focussed industry, it’s key that we work with like-minded companies; Opem are a perfect fit for us.

Niki Fuchs, Managing Director – Office Space in Town


This was another opportunity to work with Office Space in Town who do the most amazing fit-outs. We have a set standard specification for this client which, with it’s flexible and innovative features, allows it to work in any environment.

security and maintenance
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