Huckletree, a pioneer in design-led office spaces, operates a prominent location in Kensington, West London. Seeking a more cost-effective and advanced security solution, Huckletree engaged Opem Security to take over their existing security assets and integrate systems for enhanced monitoring. The initial security setup comprised CCTV, access control, and a manned guard, but the client was determined to streamline operations, improve user experience, and reduce costs.


Huckletree faced challenges with the high cost associated with maintaining a manned guard at their Kensington building. They were keen on maintaining a secure environment but sought a solution that would increase operational efficiency, user experience, and future-proof their security infrastructure. Opem was tasked with bringing together existing security assets into an integrated system that could support the client’s expansion plans.

Opem Security’s Expertise: With extensive experience in the flexible office space sector and a proven track record working with major players, Opem was selected to address Huckletree’s security needs. Leveraging their industry expertise, Opem aimed to create a streamlined, future-proofed solution that would align with the design-led ethos of the Kensington building.

Opem Security has transformed our security measures and revolutionised our approach to security at HuckleTree. Opem's innovative approach of utilising our existing security assets has been nothing short of impressive. They have introduced cutting-edge methods for monitoring our access control doors, significantly enhancing our security measures. This innovative solution has not only streamlined our security operations but has also proven to be a cost-effective investment. In just a brief period, Opem has managed to save HuckleTree a staggering £200,000 on our security bill. This substantial cost reduction has undoubtedly provided invaluable support to our operations and contributed significantly to our company's growth. Opem's commitment to delivering first-class security solutions has exceeded our expectations. The Opem Security team has consistently demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a genuine dedication to enhancing our security infrastructure. Their tailored approach to our unique needs has made a significant impact on the overall safety and well-being of our facilities.



Opem Security initiated the project by conducting a comprehensive assessment of Huckletree’s existing security infrastructure. The focus was on integrating CCTV and access control systems to eliminate the need for a manned guard while ensuring optimal security coverage. Opem’s design-led approach considered the aesthetics of the building, seamlessly incorporating security measures without compromising the overall design.

The integrated solution provided centralised monitoring and management, allowing for real-time oversight of security measures. Access control was refined to provide a frictionless experience for occupants, and strategically placed CCTV cameras ensured comprehensive coverage of the entire site. Opem’s future-proofing strategy allowed for scalability, ensuring the solution could evolve with Huckletree’s expansion plans and adapt to emerging technologies.


  • Cost Reduction: Opem’s solution successfully eliminated the need for a manned guard, resulting in significant cost savings for Huckletree.
  • Operational Efficiency: The integrated system streamlined security operations, reducing response times and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • User Experience: Occupants experienced a more user-friendly and seamless access control process, contributing to overall satisfaction with the space.
  • Future-Proofing: Opem’s forward-thinking approach ensured the security system could adapt to future technological advancements and seamlessly support Huckletree’s expansion plans.

Opem’s collaboration with Huckletree for their Kensington building showcases the company’s ability to understand unique client needs in the dynamic flexible office space sector. The implementation of a cost-effective, streamlined, and future-proofed security solution not only addressed immediate concerns but positioned Huckletree for sustained success and growth. Opem Security’s commitment to innovation and expertise in the field reinforced their role as a trusted partner in securing design-led office spaces.

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