Jubilee House

Huckletree, a leading provider of flexible office spaces, identified the need for a comprehensive security overhaul at their Jubilee House building on Oxford Street. The existing security setup included a combination of CCTV, access control, and manned guarding. However, the client was facing challenges with the cost of the manned guard and sought an integrated, future-proofed solution to enhance operational efficiency, user experience, and reduce costs.


Huckletree recognised the need for a more cost-effective and streamlined security solution that would still maintain a high level of security at Jubilee House. The goal was to integrate existing security assets, including CCTV and access control, while eliminating the need for a manned guard. Additionally, they required a solution that could support future expansions and advancements in technology.

Opem, with a wealth of experience in the flexible office space industry and a track record of working with major players, was selected to undertake the project. Opem understood the unique challenges faced by Huckletree and set out to create a customised solution that would address their specific needs.

Opem Security has transformed our security measures and revolutionised our approach to security at Huckletree. Opem's innovative approach of utilising our existing security assets has been nothing short of impressive. They have introduced cutting-edge methods for monitoring our access control doors, significantly enhancing our security measures. This innovative solution has not only streamlined our security operations but has also proven to be a cost-effective investment. In just a brief period, Opem has managed to save Huckletree a staggering £200,000 on our security bill. This substantial cost reduction has undoubtedly provided invaluable support to our operations and contributed significantly to our company's growth. Opem's commitment to delivering first-class security solutions has exceeded our expectations. The Opem Security team has consistently demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a genuine dedication to enhancing our security infrastructure. Their tailored approach to our unique needs has made a significant impact on the overall safety and well-being of our facilities.



Opem began by conducting a thorough assessment of the existing security infrastructure at Jubilee House. They then devised a comprehensive plan to use the existing security assets, adding additional audio, allowing Opem’s in-house control room to speak directly to site and to integrate with the clients set up. This eliminated the need for a manned guard. 

Leveraging their expertise, Opem created a future-proofed security solution that not only met the current requirements but also allowed for scalability and adaptation to emerging technologies.

The integrated system provided centralised monitoring and management, enabling real-time visibility and control over the security measures. Access control was enhanced to ensure a seamless and secure experience for occupants, while CCTV systems were strategically placed for maximum coverage and effectiveness.


  • Operational Efficiency: The integrated solution streamlined security operations, reducing the response time to incidents and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Cost Reduction: By eliminating the need for a manned guard, Huckletree achieved significant cost savings of £200,000 without compromising on security standards.
  • Minimal installation fee: As Opem were able to utilise the existing security assets the cost for the work were budget friendly, without compromising on the effectiveness of the security measures. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: The new security system not only improved safety but also provided a more user-friendly experience for building occupants, contributing to overall satisfaction.
  • Future-Proofing: Opem Security’s forward-thinking approach ensured that the implemented solution was adaptable to future technological advancements and scalable to support Huckletree’s expansion plans.

Opem successfully delivered a tailored and integrated security solution for Huckletree’s Jubilee House. The project exemplifies Opem’s commitment to understanding client needs, leveraging industry expertise, and creating innovative, future-proofed solutions that enhance security while optimising operational efficiency. The collaboration resulted in a cost-effective, user-friendly, and scalable security system, positioning Huckletree for continued success in the competitive flexible office space industry.


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