East Castle

Opem embarked on a comprehensive endeavour in partnership with WorkPad, aiming to enhance security measures and streamline operational workflows at 20 Eastcastle Street. The project entailed the installation of cutting-edge cloud-based access control solutions to fortify security while facilitating the building’s transition to self-sufficiency, all while prioritising an exceptional client experience.



20 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DB


Given the need for an upgraded security solution within budget constraints, Opem meticulously devised a strategy that optimised existing infrastructure while introducing innovative technologies. As well as installing an upgraded CCTV system, Opem seamlessly integrated Salto KS, a state-of-the-art cloud-based access control solution. This strategic deployment not only bolstered security measures but also revolutionised operational efficiency. The implementation of Salto KS empowered WorkPad to remotely manage building access, including locking/unlocking doors and managing user permissions, all accessible via a convenient smartphone app.


  • Enhanced User Experience: By issuing digital keys to smartphone users, Salto KS eliminated the need for physical tags, simplifying access management processes.
  • Scalable APIs: The solution’s seamless integration options allowed for easy incorporation into existing applications or the development of custom access control solutions, ensuring adaptability to future needs.
  • Maximised Efficiency: With the elimination of traditional mechanical keys, Salto KS enabled granular access control permissions and real-time monitoring capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency and security simultaneously.


A key challenge encountered was to support WorkPad in remotely managing buildings without compromising the client experience. This necessitated a delicate balance between robust security measures and seamless operational workflows.


The successful implementation of Salto KS and complementary advanced systems marked a significant milestone in enhancing security measures. Opem’s dedicated Control Room played a pivotal role in remote monitoring of all WorkPad locations, ensuring round-the-clock protection. Additionally, Opem’s expertise facilitated the installation of a hybrid door access system, comprising a mix of hardwired and wireless doors, intercom systems, and CCTV cameras. This comprehensive approach not only replaced traditional lock-and-key systems but also optimised operational efficiency and user experience.

Opem’s tailored security solutions positioned WorkPad for future scalability and expansion, laying the groundwork for continued success. The fast turnaround and flexibility demonstrated by Opem ensured minimal disruption to operations, underscoring our commitment to client satisfaction.

This project exemplifies Opem’s dedication to innovation, excellence, and partnership, and we are proud to have played a pivotal role in its success.

WorkPad has collaborated with Opem since 2020 on several diverse projects. Throughout this period, Opem continued supporting WorkPad's portfolio post-project completion. From their senior management through to their delivery and remote monitoring teams, Opem are highly personable and are committed to ensuring the highest standards are consistently achieved.


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