Chancery House

Teaming up with Fora (formerly known as The Office Group), Opem embarked on a groundbreaking venture to revolutionise security measures at Chancery House. Employing advanced Salto SPACE software and pioneering digital keyless access techniques, the project sought to harmoniously merge intuitive security functionalities, thereby enhancing building management protocols, all while upholding the sophisticated ambience of the vibrant flexible workspace.


Fora, the consumer-facing brand of The Office Group (TOG), is renowned for providing flexible workspace solutions across London, the UK, and Germany. With over 60 unique workspaces, they cater to businesses of all sizes. 

The building boasts a captivating past steeped in history. Initially, the iconic Silver Vaults were crafted from repurposed materials, including an abandoned post office and an underground tunnel, dating back to 1885. However, the structure endured the ravages of World War II, resulting in the bombing of the original above-ground building. Subsequently, in the 1950s, the edifice was reconstructed, retaining elements of the original basement Silver Vaults, shaping its present-day form.


Opem’s long-standing relationship with Fora positioned them as the premier choice for the transformative endeavour at Chancery House. Entrusted with implementing advanced security solutions, Opem aimed to seamlessly interconnect all building locations using cutting-edge technology, enhancing operational efficiency to unprecedented levels. This endeavour required the seamless integration of smart building systems, achieved through the deployment of CCTV and Salto SPACE access control systems.



Empowering Seamless Connected Operations: Revolutionising building management capabilities.

Tailored User-Centric Web-Based Management: Providing unparalleled control while seamlessly integrating with existing operations.

Access Methods

Digital Keyless Convenience: Simplifying access for staff, users, and visitors through versatile options, including smartphone compatibility (iOS and Android), smart credentials, and secure PIN codes.

Cutting-Edge Hardware

Reliable and Wireless Solutions: Featuring sleek, modern designs for effortless installation and maintenance, circumventing the complexities of traditional mechanical access solutions.

Installed Solutions

Enhanced CCTV Surveillance

Advanced Access Control Systems


The primary challenge revolved around implementing an access control solution that effectively complemented Fora’s upscale building design. The goal was to develop unobtrusive security features that seamlessly melded with the building’s aesthetic.

Working alongside Opem Security for the past eight years has been a testament to the strength of our partnership. As the Group Head of Facilities for The Office Group, I can confidently say that Opem is not just a supplier but a vital part of our day-to-day operations Opem has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our security needs and has provided innovative solutions that align seamlessly with our evolving requirements. Their commitment to excellence and reliability has made them a key player in our long-term security strategy. In an industry where trust is paramount, Opem has proven time and again to be a partner we can depend on. The longevity of our relationship is a testament to their unwavering dedication and the value they bring to The Office Group. Their commitment to excellence has been a driving force behind our successful 360 security operation model.



Project Highlights:

  • Successful Integration: Achieved high-end security solutions blending functionality with aesthetics.
  • Enhanced Building Management: Leveraged smart technology for superior building management.

Through the fusion of advanced security systems and innovative technology, Opem curated a secure, user-centric environment that upheld the refined ambience of Chancery House. This visionary initiative not only enhanced workspace operational efficiency but also ensured that security features seamlessly complemented the building’s distinguished aesthetic.

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