Workplace safety – tailgating

Opem’s main goals are to provide security to prevent crime and to keep people safe. There is one way to stay safe though that Opem can’t control but you can.

Tailgating is how people breach through security measures into businesses. Over 70% of those in workplaces believe they are vulnerable to security breaches via tailgating.

We are taught from a young age how to behave politely and hold open the door for strangers. This seemingly harmless gesture is the biggest cause of security breaches. With multiple users in a building, tailgaters take advantage of this. 

They can pose as another innocent employee, a visitor without a badge or someone in a uniform. These fraudsters know that confrontation or denying them access will make you uncomfortable. This is why they have little push back.

If they gain access, they could be after:

  • An act of violence
  • Vandalism
  • Access to intellectual property
  • Theft of hardware
  • Theft of equipment
  • Access to internal systems

How to prevent Tailgating

  • Educate employees on the risks of tailgating. Update a policy with guidelines and procedures of what to do when a tailgater gains access.
  • Be aware of anyone following you. Greet them and ask them where they are going. 
  • Make the relevant security personnel aware if you see someone get through a security measure.
  • DON’T hold the door open for anyone
  • If you see a door does not close automatically or shut properly make the relevant personnel know.
  • Always make sure the door has closed perfectly behind you.

Security is everyone’s responsibility. Be aware and be alert!


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